AdRoll for E-Commerce: How to Use Retargeting to Boost Sales

Scarlet Sieiro

Retargeting is one of the most powerful tools for e-commerce marketers that can make a tangible difference to their bottom line. One such platform that many marketers use to achieve this is AdRoll.


AdRoll helps businesses make the most of retargeting technology by providing an easy and effective way to reach customers. Whether you’re looking to re-engage past visitors or increase conversion rates, this platform can help take your marketing efforts up a notch – but only if used correctly.


In this blog post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about usingAdRoll for e-commerce: its features and benefits, how it works, and how it should be integrated into your digital marketing strategy.

What Is AdRoll?

AdRoll is a leading platform for e-commerce businesses looking to get an edge in retargeting campaigns. It offers a suite of powerful features and tools that can provide maximum results, driving conversions along with customer engagement.

With AdRoll you'll have access to world-class capabilities enabling your business to stand out from competitors and reach its desired success!

AdRoll Fore-Commerce: Features & Benefits

AdRoll offers a host of features that make retargeting easier and more effective for e-commerce businesses.


Here are some of the key features and benefits:

  • Automation:Receive automated optimization capabilities with AdRoll to get the most out of your campaigns.
  • Robust analytics: AdRoll provides real-time insights so you can track performance in detail and make data-driven decisions quickly.
  • Cross-device targeting: With AdRoll, you can reach customers across multiple devices with a single ad campaign.
  • Social media integration: You can easily connect your campaigns to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


These are just a few of the features that make AdRoll an ideal choice for e-commerce businesses looking to boost their sales with retargeting.

Setting Up An AdRoll Account

If you are ready to make the most out of AdRoll’s capabilities, it’s time to get started.


First, you need to create an AdRoll account. Simply enter your details, choose your package, and you are good to go.


Next, you’ll need to connect AdRoll to whatever e-commerce platform you are using on your website. What’s great about AdRoll is that it is integrated with a variety of platforms, including BigCommerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce.


Next up, start creating your retargeting campaigns. There are plenty of online tutorials that can help you here, or simply follow the simple steps as provided by Ad Roll.


Then, once you’ve launched your campaigns you need to monitor performance and adjust as required. This is a crucial step.


If you follow these simple steps, you’ll get AdRoll up and running in no time.

The Importance Of Targeting And Segmentation

When it comes to digital marketing, one of the most important things you need to do I consider targeting and segmentation. Here, you’ll be creating a variety of customer segments. Each of these will be based on behavioral, demographic, and other criteria.


By tailoring your ads to each segment, you'll be able to get more out of your retargeting efforts and increase conversions. AdRoll makes it easy to setup custom audiences and target them with relevant ads.

How AdRoll Makes Targeting And Segmentation A Breeze

AdRoll has a range of advanced targeting and segmentation features to make it easier for e-commerce businesses to get the most out of their campaigns.


AdRoll also offers you the option to create dynamic groups of customers based on certain criteria. You can use this feature to automatically target new customers who meet the criteria for each group with the most relevant ads.

Measuring Results And Return On Investment

Once you have set up your campaigns, it's important to measure the results and make sure that your retargeting efforts are paying off. AdRoll makes it easy to track performance in detail using its comprehensive analytics platform.


You can use AdRoll's real-time reporting tools to monitor how well your ads are performing and identify areas for improvement. By tracking your results, you'll be able to optimize your campaigns and maximize your return on investment.

Advanced Strategies

Once you have the basics of retargeting down, you can move on to more advanced strategies to further boost your ROI.


One strategy is to use dynamic product ads (DPAs). These are personalized ads that display a user's recent purchases or similar products they may be interested in. By using DPAs, you can get more out of your retargeting campaigns by showing customers products they are likely to be interested in.


Another way to increase ROI is to use remarketing lists for search ads(RLSA). With this strategy, you can target a user's previous web searches with relevant ads when they search on Google and other search engines. This helps you ensure that your ads are being seen by interested customers who are likely to convert.


By following these strategies, you can enhance your retargeting efforts and increase ROI.

How AdRoll Removes The Risk Of Making Common Retargeting Mistakes

AdRoll also offers features that help reduce the risk of making common retargeting mistakes.


One such feature is frequency capping, which allows you to set a limit on how many times an ad will be shown to each user per day.


AdRoll's optimization tools also help you get the most out of your budget by automatically allocating more spend towards successful campaigns while reducing spending on those that aren't performing as well. This helps to ensure that you are getting the best possible ROI from your retargeting efforts.


AdRoll is a great platform that will help you in avoiding the common mistakes that are usually made in retargeting campaigns.

Take Advantage Of AdRoll Today

If you are looking to take your retargeting strategy to the next level, you need to take advantage of the powerful tools that AdRoll offers.


Once you’re set up with AdRoll, you’ll very quickly receive a return on investment, where you are able to achieve the very best results from your digital marketing campaigns.

Get started today to take advantage of all that AdRoll has to offer.